Supporting early
& growth stage startups in software development and technical leadership

Product Development

Transform your ideas into impactful products. Through every phase from ideation to launch, we employ the latest technologies and methodologies, crafting solutions that align with your business objectives.

Application Upgrades

Stay ahead of the competition. We help you navigate the complexities of updating software, ensuring smooth transitions with minimal disruption, while maximizing the benefits of new features.

Project Rescue

Is your project off-track or facing unforeseen challenges? Let us help analyze, recalibrate, and realign your project objectives, bringing it back on course and ensuring successful delivery.

Staff Augmentation

Expand your team's capabilities without the long-term commitment. Gain access to top-tier professionals tailored to fit your project needs, ensuring you always have the right expertise on hand.

Technical Advisor

Navigate the tech landscape with confidence. Receive expert guidance on technology decisions, ensuring that your strategies align with industry best practices and future-proof solutions.

Team Coaching

Elevate your team's performance. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, imparting essential skills and methodologies that drive efficiency, collaboration, and excellence in every project.


A dynamic language powering many web apps through its readable syntax and the robust Ruby on Rails framework, Ruby ensures clean, maintainable code.


Designed for scalability, Elixir thrives in real-time distributed systems, guaranteeing responsiveness even in high-traffic scenarios.


The backbone of dynamic web content, JavaScript's versatility is amplified by frameworks like React and Node.js, bridging both client and server sides.

Amazon Web Services

A powerhouse in cloud computing, AWS provides scalable services and tools. From web hosting to data storage, it ensures agility and innovation in deployments.


A time-boxed approach emphasizing teamwork, Scrum promotes iterative development through short sprints, regular reviews, and adaptability, ensuring products align closely with user needs.


Focusing on continuous delivery, Kanban emphasizes visualizing work flow and limiting work-in-progress. This method promotes efficiency and adaptability in fast-changing environments.